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REGLAB – a forum for regional capacity-building

At Reglab regions, national state authorities and researchers meet and can add to their competence on issues of development and growth.

Innovation and regeneration are key words when regions meet the challenge to create sustainable regional growth. The prerequisites differ, but the need for new knowledge and market intelligence is the same. Developing each region on its own merit calls for both analysis, entrepreneurial creativity and leadership.

Reglab is a meeting place where we learn from others and each other. Reglab initiates joint ventures, seminars and networking – always based on the needs of its members.

Today Reglab has 23 members: 21 regions, The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and The Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems. All organizations wishing to create sustainable regional development are welcome to join.

Ongoing at present are a number of projects within the area of  regional development:

  • Support for cluster development and process leadership
  • Competence provision – prognostication and foresight
  • Evaluation of regional growth
  • Regions and innovation  – how to support increased innovation
  • Braingain  – how to create a critical masse of competence in sparsely populated areas

New projects will continually be launched, in dialogue with Reglab’s members.

For more information on Swedish Reglab, please contact Catarina Lahti, director of Reglab.